English Sex Doll 158cm 3

   Lovingly created for your pleasure this 158cm TPE English Sex doll aims to please. Manufactured from hypoallergenic TPE she is sure to last for years and years. Incorporating an internal metal skeleton which is immersed in TPE She can move into lots of different positions that most other dolls can not. She can sit, She can bend over, She can lay back with her legs in the air or to the side and she loves nothing better than getting dressed up for a Sunday afternoon drive in your car. Her other passion is your pleasure.

Her Breasts and buttocks will move realisticly when you rock her back and forth.

TPE is softer to the touch than Silcone and TPE Dolls are becoming more and more popular. Probably partially because of the lower price, but also because they are softer to touch than silicone.

Why TPE I hear you ask ?
1) TPE skin is more realistic
2) TPE is more affordable
2) TPE is softer
4) TPE is more flexible, allows easier handling of doll

Her Vital statistics are;
Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Usable parts: Breasts, Bum, Vagina and Mouth
Height: 158 cms or 5ft 2inches in old money
Breasts: 93 cms
Waist: 53 cms
Hips: 87 cms
Legs: 83 cms
Arms: 50 cms
Foot length:19 cms
Oral depth : 15 cms
Vagina : 18 cms
Anal depth: 17 cms
Package size; 143cms x 40cms x 26cms
Doll weight: 34kg
Shipping weight:36kg

Why Buy from us ?
All orders are shipped from within the European Union so No Customs, No Import Duties and No extra payments needed, the price you see is the price you pay. Delivery is normally 2 days from the time you order from us.

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Cleaning + Repair Maintenance of Your Doll 1. The doll should be cleaned once per month by using mild luke warm shower gel. The head should be taken down and cleaned separately. Please do not immerse the head in water. 2. If or when the body skin becomes sticky, please use bath powder or similar powder to make it dry and smooth. Please pat your doll dry with a soft towel. 3. Use a soft towel to dry your doll after cleaning and put on some bath powder. Please do not use a hair dryer to blow dry the doll as the temperatures generated are just too hot. 4. Use a wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it gently. 5. If after use some wounds appear, please contact us for our special repair care items. We promise there will be no marks left and the mend will last for a long time.
Dress Size Dress Size is UK small, Size 8-10
Shoe Size Foot is 19cm

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English Sex Doll 158cms 3

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